“One should eat to live and not live to eat “

Despite the fact that not all businesses are created equal, it is without doubt that every business does need to make some kind of profit in order to reinvest back into its business mission and drive its goals and values. However, the business is not alive solely to make profit, it is kept alive because of its profits.

So why should businesses be created? In the same way humans seek fulfilment through purpose, a business should be created to serve a purpose. It takes us back to the why factor of business. Making money, a mobile app or phones is not why Apple or Microsoft exists. It is critical to understand that before most huge co-operates existed and mapped out their strategy, structures or systems; most of the successful and good co-operates made an emphasis on their purpose and people first and went on to shape processes that made them grow. This is exactly what Ghoshal , the Indian scholar and educator who served as Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School repeatedly argued in his studies.

The purpose is this why factor. As companies grow, maintaining this purpose is very critical to shaping good business. However, today we will focus our thoughts first on how to develop this why factor of your business. How do you develop a purpose or the business heart?

Let`s go back to the basics of how the human heart is formed to draw thoughts on how one can build their why factor and shape a healthy business heart. You will remember that the heart is the first organs to be formed in a foetus.


Greg Ellis, former CEO and managing director of REA Group, said his company’s purpose was “to make the property process simple, efficient, and stress free for people buying and selling a property.” It’s a purpose that says, “This is what we’re doing for someone else.” And it’s motivational, because it connects with the heart as well as the head. Indeed, Ellis called it the company’s “philosophical heartbeat.”

I connected with the managing director of Strategic Factor, Graham Kenny ´s advice. He states that if you’re crafting a purpose statement, my advice is this: “To inspire your staff to do good work for you, find a way to express the organization’s impact on the lives of customers, clients, students, patients — whomever you’re trying to serve. Make them feel it.”

Feel it! That’s the first key to even why we as humans develop the heart first. Did you know that the heart plays a role in awakening our senses through the flow of blood?


Purpose is built into the inner man – it serves as a reminder of our existence. We exist for more than just our self. Each one of us is wired to be passionate about something and certain causes. Every one of us has things that stir our inner man. This could be influenced by the environments we are born into. When I think of purpose, I think of your entire heart , brain and body being engaged. Imagine all of our inner systems activating together to fulfil a purpose that is driven by your passion. How does the heart fit into all of this ?

Think about it, the heart is a key driver of your body and interacts with your brain and body. Some Pioneer researchers, like John and Beatrice Lacey examined the interactions between the heart and brain. During 20 years of research throughout the 1960s and ’70s, they observed that the heart communicates with the brain in ways that significantly affect how we perceive and react to the world. Your purpose is fuelled by your perception of the world.

Inspired by our own human anatomy, we can see why this can help us shape a healthy business heart that establishes a purpose and sets a clear why factor. This is why I share the importance of developing a healthy business heart in the human business booklets.

Just like the heart awakens our senses and allows us to feel, the business heart establishes its why factor when it begins to feel it as well as make others feel it.

How do you develop your why factor? – awaken your senses and feel it together with your employees. In the same way that you are compelled to bring change to issues that lie close to your heart – it starts by feeling it.

In order to make your business and those around you feel it , one has to develop their business heart to maturity. In order for the heart to perform its function it has to be shaped to maturity. The next booklet will identify the 6 critical stages of developing the optimal business heart for good business  from the worm business to shaping that super business heart.


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